Representing a company at an event, exhibition or promotional campaign is a big responsibility. If you are a hostess, promoter or a brand ambassador at an event, you are much more than just the face of their brand – you are the brand itself.

Being a hostess or a promoter can be a really fun experience but it is not for everyone. You must have the right skillset, professionalism, qualities and etiquettes to succeed in this highly competitive field. Here are some tips from the professionals to help you become a better hostess / promoter.


Be Punctual

This is probably the most important part of being a successful hostess or promoter. If you sign up for an event, ensure that you DON’T reach the event space late. This is not only disrespectful to the client, but also to the promotions agency that hired you for the job. Err on the side of being early.


Be Professional

It is important to treat everyone at the event with respect, regardless of their position or stature. You must represent the brand as per their guidelines. Being comfortable with speaking to everyone and building professional relationships is essential. If you’ve been given objectives like lead capture and signups, go about it in a professional manner without being pushy. Above all, be patient and courteous under all situations.


Dress to Impress

Dressing for the occasion is important. If the event does not require you to dress in a uniform, ensure that you are dressed in a professional attire that suits the brand image of the company you are representing. Don’t wear conflicting brands, ripped, shredded and holed items. Keep a clean and professional look when it comes and hair and makeup.


Be Knowledgeable

Your hiring company or agency will brief you about the event and your job responsibilities. It is important that you know all the basic information about the brand and the product you are representing, including additional information that may help you promote better and answer any customer queries confidently.


Put The Mobile Phone Away

If you are representing a brand at an event, ensure you are fully dedicated to your job. There’s nothing more unprofessional than promoters / hostesses who are busy on the phone when they should be assisting visitors and customers.


Be On Your Feet

As a promoter or hostess at an event, you are required to be attentive and engaged at all times. It is essential that you cover the important areas of the event space and not remain seated at just one place. It is also important that you stand up when meeting and greeting visitors / customers.

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