Promoters and hostesses are an integral part of exhibitions, trade shows, marketing campaigns and corporate events. They not only represent a company’s brand, but can also have a huge impact on the overall ROI from the event.

Here are our top tips on ensuring your company derives more value from their sales promoters:

Select the right profiles

Gone are the days when promoters were asked to just stand there and look pretty. Now your brand’s reputation is at stake if your promoters are unable to answer a prospective customer’s query. Promoters and hostesses are required to be experienced, knowledgeable and confident in addition to being customer oriented and attractive. Right selection is the key here; not everyone can be a good promoter for your brand. It is also important to not base your selection solely on the price.

Provide information / training

Even the most experienced and competent promoters and hostesses need to be briefed, and if required, trained on your company’s products and services. Brands like Samsung, Dell and Sony are excellent at equipping their promoters with the right knowledge and training before events and exhibitions.

Premiere Hostess has worked on a number of promotions where the emphasis has been on training. We have devised various training programs and orientations on behalf of our clients in order to ensure the promoters are thorough with the product / service knowledge.

At the recently held Dubai Motor Show 2015, we did a great job at training the hostesses on car mechanics and terms like V6, BHP, Torque and AWD etc for our client, Luxgen Motors. This reflected positively during their interactions with prospective buyers.

Provide the tools

The right tools can make a huge impact on the overall effectiveness of sales promoters. Product / service literature, hand-outs, electronic displays like iPads, demo samples and lead capture devices are some of the basic tools you can equip your promoters with.

Add differentiators

Exhibitions, trade fairs and in-mall promotions are always busy affairs and promoters have to compete for attention. Using differentiators like eye-catching exhibition stands, uniforms, latest presentation gadgets, props and creative displays can ensure your promoters stand out. At the recent Dubai Motor Show 2015, a classic car company stood out from the crowd with their promoters dressed in 1920s Gatsby style along with Hollywood celebrity impersonators like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Talk about winning at differentiation!

Add an incentive plan

When it comes to objective-driven promotions – whether lead capture, sales or signups – incentivising the promoters is a proven way to derive better value from the promotions. Nothing motivates better than rewards and a bit of competition.

Capture feedback

Promoters interact with your prospective buyers directly and hence are your best source of insights and feedback. It’s important to ensure these inputs are captured through a structured process.

For more on how to maximise the potential of promoters for your next event, contact Premiere Hostess today.


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