Smokin' Pineapple Corporate Party

Abu Dhabi

Smokin’ Pineapple Corporate Party

Premiere Hostess, part of Global Event Management Group, provided hosts and hostesses for an event we created for a loyal client of ours for their annual outing. Every year they like to do something bigger and better! So this year the GEM team decided to take them to Nurai island off Saadiyat island. Instead of the better known Burning Man theme, GEM decided to tailor this and make it their own by introducing the Smokin’ Pineapple.

The hostesses helped out with the evenings activities and managed the guests’ boat timings, made sure they all had the correct passes/wristbands and that the guests were taken to the Smokin’ Pineapple location safely. The hosts and hostesses dressed in tailor made costumes made them a really important part of the general theme. They were also tasked with managing the burning of the giant pineapple later in the evening, to bring the large structure through the crowds safely but also inviting guests to watch the structure go up in flames!

The event was a resounding success and enjoyed by everyone!

“I think I can speak in the name of the whole Social Team when I say that the AO 2017 was absolutely amazing and a huge success.

As usual you and your team managed to create a unique event 100% personalized for our company. Performers, entertainment, décor, location everything was carefully calculated and close attention to detail was brought to it all. We will send a survey but so far the feedback was very positive!

Furthermore, we would like to thank each member of the GEM team who worked on our event and the ones who were with us on site. They were all extremely helpful, pro-active and professional.”  Events Coordinator

“I just wanted to echo the comments above and say we really appreciate all the work that went into putting this together – It was an outstanding success and the feedback has been extremely positive (I’m still getting emails raving about the event).”  Principal


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